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Behind the scenes: Lovisa Wendt & Elaine Lilje. Photo: Irena Krajnc.

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Behind the scenes: Stephanie Verstift & Irena Krajnc. Photo: Elaine Lilje.

MUNDEKULLA COOKS (crowdfund/self-published)
DE DANKBARE KEUKEN (Brandt Uitgeverij)

About the book

What a journey! After a crowdfunding campaign in May 2020 that made us beam with happiness we got awarded with two beautiful acknowledgements in the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards for Best Vegetarian Cookbook Sweden and Best Hotel Cookbook Worldwide 2021, as well Best Vegetarian in the Årets Svenska Måltidslitteratur 2022. 

The idea behind the book was to bundle my most loved vegetarian and vegan recipes gathered and created over the years, as well as an invitation create beautiful new meal ideas and recipes yourself. The book gives many chapters for inspiration, experimenting and understanding how you can play with possibilities in the kitchen to make your meals even more tasty, beautiful. special and sustainable.


  • Inspiration chapters and creativity games on, a.o.
    - The love and wisdom hidden in food and cooking

    - The art of playing with variables like flavour, colour, shape
    - H
    ow to create a magic and balanced meal/recipe/buffet
    - Farm-to-table and circular gastronomy inspiration
    - Favourite flavourmakers & flavour groups
    - Improvisation, experiment and making it special


  • Over 70 vegan and vegetarian recipes + variations: from exciting new combinations to classics from all over the world, made with many local ingredients. From soups, salads, proteins and main dishes to breads and desserts. 

  • A beautiful sneak peak into the Swedish countryside . A  book that inspires to come together with your dear ones and make little steps together on your small and big dreams. With creativity, peace, sustainability.



This book is the result of a creative collaboration. We all contributed from our passion for food, sustainability and art! Our main goals is to make a beautiful and valuable book that spreads yummy, healthy, inspiring and creative recipes. 

This book would not have been possible without the art and love poured into it by all of these many amazing people: 
   Irena Krajnc - beautiful styling & design and amazing friend

   Elaine Lilje - incredible and spirited photography

   Emma Ljung - fantastic handmade ceramics

   Lovisa Wendt - beautiful flower growing and composition

   Lana Gorenc - beautiful hand drawn illustrations


And of course, the many chefs who have contributed with their amazing flavours and creations: with special gratitude to Elise Briccolani (forager and chef of all things flavourful, fresh and colourful), Gunilla Blom (master of kombucha, ayurveda and fermentation) and Kristian Hägglund (Temple Food, Indian and Korean Flavours).

A big shout out also to beloved local farmers! Ooooh, what would we be without your amazing produce! You have a special place in the book, but we also like to name you here: Solmarka Gård, Hällasjömåla Gård,and Fiddekulla Trädgård. You create such valuable, beautiful and organic vegetables and flowers.

Last but definitely not least: we are so grateful for the incredible support and help from volunteers, friends, family, neighbours and the Mundekulla community! With special mention of Clint, Marte, Mikael, David, Lennart, Pernilla, Nils, Ann, Arturs, Gunnel, Anna, Jonne, Simone, Samira and Peter.

Thank you all so much for your support, little nudges, curiosity, creativity, co-reading, music, hard work & laughs! It truly makes this adventure magical!

The Chef, the Stylist and

the Photographer

Steph ganache.jpg

Stephanie Verstift


Originally from The Netherlands, Stephanie discovered the magic of Southern Sweden. These days she is the chef at Mundekulla Retreat Center, where she also works with organizational development and education. She is connected to several EU projects like the European Solidarity Corps (volunteer program) and Cirtoinno (on sustainable tourism in the Baltic Region). 

Stephanie loved cooking ever since she could hold a spoon. She comes from a family that has always gathered very much around food. Creativity, love, care for the environment and good company are her favourite ingredients.



Irena Krajnc


Irena works as an art director and stylist, known as one of the girls of Fig & Forest. She fell in love with the Swedish country side one Midsummer night and decided to move there in 2019. She now works at Kosta Boda, one of Sweden's most appreciated makers of glass art & design.

Irena is passionate about working with handmade, local and thrifted goods. With her great eye for spaces and details, she creates beauty and balance in any setting. She's a lover of plants, natural materials and foraged flowers. Her work has been featured by among others Vegan Good Life, Home Magazine, Rock n Roll Bride and Table Magazine.


Elaine Lilje


Elaine is photographer at The Bohemia, where she captures love, joy, laughter, connection and beautiful moments. Capturing what is there and then in the moment: raw, authentic and meaningful. Her work brings her all along the West coast of Sweden and beyond. 

When we asked Elaine if she wanted to make the pictures for the cookbook, she immediately said: yes! She had been wanting to be photographer of a cookbook and we are so happy she was part of the team. Beside photography, Elaine is a lover of travel, mindful adventures and beautiful landscapes.

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Behind the scenes. Photo: Irena Krajnc, Elaine Lilje and Stephanie Verstift

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